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我今日開始了這個#30DaysOfSecurityTesting的挑戰。我第一天就已經遇到困難,我的Day 1不知道應該看什麼blog才好。由於我最近才開始QA的工作,我是一個初學者所以我還有很多的不懂。幸好MoT(Ministry of Testing)有一個Slack group,我加入了就有很多樂意恊助我的伙伴。我今天看的blog就是這個傢伙,聰明人為何惹麻煩呢?有智慧居然搞DDoS不好好學習,何必?

Today I started the #30DaysOfSecurityTesting challenge. I’m already stuck on my first day, I don’t know what to read for my day 1. As I just started in QA, I’m still a newbie so there is a lot I don’t know. Luckily MoT (Ministry of Testing) has a Slack group, lots of people are willing to help me once I joined. Today I read about this fellow, clever boy why do you have to get in trouble? Why don’t you just save your intelligence for your studies?