Picture of Haruki Murakami

After Dark by Haruki Murakami.

我今天才發現,如果我每天只看半頁,那我一定要花差不多兩年的時間才能完成這本書。這個不行,我想最短兩個月的時間完成。那就是每天只少看五頁(288/60=5)。一年可以學到多少生詞呢? 如果你想達到流利水平,那只少需要10,000 words,每天學30個生詞就已經超棒(10,000/365)!當然,這只是我的推理也不一定是對的。只少我已經走出第一步。

Today I realised if I only read half a page each day, then I will end up needing 2 years to finish the whole book. That won’t do, I want to achieve this within 2 months. That means I have to read at least 5 pages a day (288 total pages / 60 days = 5 pages a day).

Side Note: A fluent speaker needs about 10,000 words so if I want to calculate the rate at which it takes for a human to learn quickly. That means its 10,000 words / 365 days = 30 words per day. Of course, this is all theory… but at least I am taking a first step.