It’s been a long long time since I updated the website at all. Life gets in the way and so this domain name has been left to collect d… web crawlers? Not that this website gets a million a hits a day. Anyways, I’ve been trying to improve my Chinese lately so I have been trying to read more. As part of this process I’ve been really putting my head down and trying to read novels. (I said ‘really’ quite a lot here.) I started off with a novel about a guy who writes wills for people who wanna suicide. Completed that one, pretty sad and dark but an amazing thriller and bits of humour I’ve gotta say. Here’s the link: Although this is written in Cantonese rather than SWC (Standard Written Chinese), so SORRY if you’re not a Cantonese speaker.

As of late though, I have been reading another one but it’s more a wuxia style novel. It’s called 混沌虛無. There is a whole lot of words that I just cannot understand so this meant that I spent more time looking up words than usual and saving words into a note taking app. This made me really question ‘How much is too much?’ and what’s more ‘How much time am I spending ACTUALLY reading?’.

So I did what any analytical creature would do. Bring out the spreadsheet baby. So these are the stats that I got below. As you can see, it has really gotten in the way and I actually spend 30 minutes with the dictionary and saving things when I could be actually reading.


After reducing the numbers a bit, everything looks better as you can see below. I’ve reduced this down to 6 minutes as you can see and hopefully this will feel better.


For those who can’t be bothered with formulas on a spreadsheet. Use this: I created this in a few hours of trying to learn javascript and simple HTML. It looks absolutely horrible and shame on me, the missing piece is CSS I know.

As of recent news, I will say HONG KONG ADD OIL (not the violent kind).